Friday, 24 June 2011

Using Content Curation as part of Performance Support (Part 5 of 5 – the results so far)

This journey into the use of content curation as a performance support tool has only just begun, but the core culture of the internal business communication does appear to be changing.  Both organisations have recognised that our approach has:

·         Reduced staff information overload

·         Significantly reduced internal emails

·         Reduced repetition of information

·         Reduced data storage

·         Captured the “now” knowledge in the business, for the business to share

They have also understood that:

·         Sharing is learning

·         Staff learn well “on the job”

·         Time to learn can be found

·         Bite-sized content works best

And the L&D teams?  Well they are now seen as an “effective resource” and are very glad they decided to come with me on this journey away from formal learning into a more informal approach where performance support is central to the learning strategy.  They now see content curation as part of facilitating learning in the workplace, keeping the learning content fresh, relevant and up to date - constantly.

I don’t know if content curation is going to work in every organisation or if it is really an answer to ambient information overload.  But what I do know is that it has begun to make a significant different to these two organisations learning and communication culture and early evidence is showing it to be an effective performance support tool. 

I have no doubt that it will be superseded by something else in the not too distant future, but for now I will continue to include it in my performance support toolkit.

It would appear that Clay Shirky has since found that content curation is a useful tool too:

“Curation comes up when search stops working.
 But it’s more than a human-powered filter.
Curation comes up when people realize that
it isn’t just about information seeking,
it’s also about synchronizing a community.”

I so agree. JW

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